Amongst the increasing rate of mental health issues amongst adolescents, Girl’s High School and College   is   one   of   the   pioneering   institutions   which   has   taken   the   initiative   to   establish   a Counseling Cell within its premise. We have a trained Clinical Psychologist who is competent in catering to the personal and academic issues of students. The job of the School Counselor entails the following: The Counseling Center provides services both for personal and career counseling.  The Counselor   regularly   visits   the   classes   for   observation   wherein   the   Counselor   in cohesion with the teachers identifies students possibly in need of Counseling. The   Counselor   along   with   the   teacher provides   appointments   to the   students   and, if required, the parents for helping the students in the identified problem areas. The students are free to meet the counselor with permission from their teacher for career guidance. If a student claims to be unclear about possible career choices, the counselor conducts a Career Guidance program, which entails aptitude and interest assessment. Based on the results of the above, the Counselor is able to offer apt Career choices to the students. The Counselor  also  caters  to  students  who  have  been  ‘promoted on  trial’ basis.  The reasons for underperformance are evaluated and worked upon in sync with the teachers and parents. The students often seek the counselors help with regards to their personal issues. The semay   range   from   difficulties   in   school   adjustment,   academic   stress,   counseling   for personal and family concerns or anxiety or mood issues identified by the student. Once the problem areas have been identified, appropriate intervention and the rapeutic techniques are employed for helping students. The students are encouraged to follow up weekly to report on changes in the issues and given guidance for the same.