Students health care & Medical Facility improvement has along been an important facts of the G.H. S. & College.

The school takes utmost care of the students. The school has two well equipped infirmaries which function under the supervision and guidance of a medical advisor, an Ex-Chief Medical Superintendent, Dr. Suresh Dwivedi, T. B. S. Hospital, Allahabad and visiting medical faculty, Dr. Rinku from Nazareth Hospital, a renowned hospital of the city. On school campus medical staff nurses Mrs. Evans, Senior section and Mrs. Mini G. Nair Junior section, take care of the health of the students. The school provides a 24 hour medical service for the boarders and serves anyone who requires urgent medical attention. Keeping in mind the well-being of the students the school conducts medical check-ups and awareness camps from time to time, free of cost and incase of any abnormal findings, the same is communicated to the parents.

The school aims at providing the students the best in-house medical aid and a proactive staff in times of any emergency that may arise in the campus. The school organises Medical Health Checkup for students in every session. It is free of cost. A team of doctors and experts conduct the camp which includes General Physical examination, Dental check-up ,Eye check-up Blood Sugar and Haemoglobin check-up. The doctors give necessary medical advice to the students.

Mrs. Anurita Dwivedi
Health Coordinator