Every large organization, where multi functional responsibilities need to be discharged, needs a management center at its core. The purpose of this hub is to co-ordinate, and manages, the interaction between separate departments. Even large hotels and corporate house accord a high priority to its controlling cadre, which manages the efficient working of the organization.

A large institution like our beloved Girls’ High School and College is no exception to the aforesaid requirement. Our school office plays this managerial role. It is an extremely gratifying experience to be a part of what can, justifiably, be described as the heart of our school.

The office has a multitude of functions. These include the daily routine of maintaining the scholars’ register, the allotment of work to members of the staff at each level, the supervision of the record of attendance of both staff and students, and various day to day tasks which regularly require attention. The accounts section of the office has the serious responsibility to maintain vigil over the financial aspect of the school.

Interaction and communication between the institution and the parents of students, is a crucial responsibility. At times, to apprise them if their ward is unwell, or is short on attendance, or simply to inform them with regard to any sphere of activity, both academic and extra-curricular, where their ward is required to participate, or needs to improve her performance. With advances in technology and digitization, the letters of yesteryear have been replaced by SMS’s on their mobile phones, and the office ensures that these communications are sent timely.

The office is entrusted with the responsibility of co-coordinating the various tasks involved in the conducting of examinations, both internal and of the Boards, and this is another vital function which is unsparing, in its requirement for flawless execution.

In addition to the above, sometimes emergencies arise, and it is the responsibility of the office to bring it to the notice of our Principal, and to ensure appropriate and proper follow up action to resolve it.

It is necessary to mention the stellar role played by our respected Principal during the recent pandemic, and its consequent restraints and protocols. She ensured that the primary responsibility of the institution, that is, to impart quality education, did not suffer. She made all the necessary arrangements for the conduct of on line classes. In this effort, the office was her constant assistant, making sure that all the on line teaching was conducted smoothly. This included attending to the various applications and complaints which were dropped in the box at the gate, by parents and guardians on a daily basis. The office sorted out all these requests and took necessary steps to follow up with necessary action. The sending of SMS’s was an integral part of the communication chain between the institution and its students, through their guardians. It is noteworthy that the office worked every day, throughout the aforesaid period.

While we have the unshakable belief that our Lord guides us, and pray for His Blessings, we are fortunate indeed, that we have, in our respected Principal, Dr. Rev (Mrs) Vinita Eusebius, a beacon of leadership. She encourages the efforts of each member of the GHS family, be it students or staff. She has an indefatigable ability to ensure whatever is best for the school, and she meticulously and diligently works towards this goal.

The office is no exception, and under her guidance, we are able to ensure that we perform to the best of our ability.  With her inspiring and constant support, and the Blessings of our Lord, we shall endeavor to continue to work diligently and efficiently, in the years to come

Mrs. H. Verma
Office Coordinator