Just like every human being requires a heart to keep it alive, each organization needs an administrative hub to control its functioning, and a large institution like the Girls’ High School and College is no exception. The office of our school can justifiably be referred to as the heart which is essential to the working of the institution.

The existence of certain important organs of the body, are often not very conspicuous, thereby relegating their importance to a level below that which they deserve. Like the importance of the heart which ceaselessly works to pump life sustaining blood through our veins, our office works from behind the scenes to ensure the smooth functioning of the school. From day to day routine tasks to the exceptional problems which sometimes crop up, from the mundane grind of a normal day to the tackling of extraordinary situations, the office staff is always attentive to the need of any given task. Combining quiet efficiency with meticulous diligence, the efforts of the office staff with whom I am privileged to work, are commendable, and their sincere dedication to their work ensures that the school runs with clockwork smoothness.The office also encompasses within its fold the responsibility of maintaining discipline, and as the Chief Proctor, I am ably assisted by a team of Proctors, and we attend to the often unenviable task of enforcing discipline, as and when required. The school office is constantly under the able guidance of our Principal, Rev Dr. Mrs Vinita Eusebius. Her indefatigable efforts to supervise, guide and support every department of our school, inspire the office also, to strive to maintain the highest level of efficiency. It is with her encouragement, and the Blessings of our Lord, that we shall continue to serve the school to the best of our ability in the years to come.

Mrs. H. Verma
Office Coordinator