At Girls’ High School, we design our ‘DAILY ACTIVITIES’ to be varied and to help children progress in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

The activities organised provide daily fun for all and allow the children tap into wide range of emotions, senses and skills. Each activity is aimed at continually developing the child’s imagination, creativity and sense of self expression.

.We start with ‘LEMONADE DAY ACTIVITY’ where the children learn to make lemonade as it is hot. They enjoy making and drinking it and also learn new words like stir, squeeze etc.

Next comes ‘FRUIT AND VEGETABLE DAY ACTIVITY’ where they learn colours, names and recite poems of different fruits and vegetables. A fruit salad party is also arranged for them thereafter.

Then in line is the ‘MOTHER’S DAY ACTIVITY’ where the children make cards and souvenir for their mothers.

We have ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY ACTIVITY’ on August 15th, where fancy dress competition is organised and children wear dresses of different states of India depicting unity in diversity. Children learn about national symbols and perform on patriotic songs.

Activity on ‘SHAPES AND COLOURS’ where children learn different shapes and colours with the help of games and poems based on it.

Another interesting activity is on ‘PEOPLE WHO HELP US.’ In this activity they learn about importance of community helpers and inculcates a sense of appreciation and gratitude.

Another activity is the ‘ANIMAL CARNIVAL’ where they learn about various animals through audio visuals.

The most exciting activity is ‘CELEBRATION OF DIWALI AND CHRISTMAS’. The faces of our children sparkle with excitement just like the light of the diyas. A week before Christmas celebration, comes the ‘WHITE GIFT WEEK’ where each child contributes to buying of gifts for the not so privileged children. This in itself is a big lesson taught to share generously and to be kind to the needy. Not only do they enjoy but also learn about each other’s religion and a feeling of togetherness is instilled in them.

Story narration is a way of building up a child’s confidence that improves the vocabulary and speech.

Last but not the least is the ‘GO GREEN DAY’. Children wear green dresses as a symbol of spreading greenery. They plant sapling in the school garden and learn the importance of plants and trees in their environment.