Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”
– Winston Churchill

The session of April saw the students coming back to school, new students joining us and once again the halls of the school echoed with the sounds of their running feet, their laughter and screams and the motivation of ‘We Can And We Will’. The academic year at Girls’ High School was marked by a vibrant array of events and activities aimed at fostering holistic development and celebrating the achievements of our students. As the coordinator, am pleased to present this report detailing the various aspects of our Junior Section’s performance and progress.

** Prize Day. **
Prize Day was held where the meritorious students of each class were given prizes and certificates.

**English and Hindi Elocutions:**
The school organized English and Hindi elocution competitions, providing students with opportunities to showcase their oratory skills and linguistic proficiency. These events not only encouraged self-expression but also promoted healthy competition.

**International Women’s Day Celebration:**
Women’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and reverence, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of women to society and empowering our female students to pursue their dreams and aspirations with confidence and determination. Special activities and guest speakers inspired our students to embrace their unique strengths and capabilities.

National Sports Week was celebrated between August 21st to August 29th, 2023. Many events were held and the winners were given prizes.

The annual Sports Day event was a resounding success, with students enthusiastically participating in various athletic competitions and team events. The spirit of sportsmanship was beautiful to watch and it enforced the importance of physical fitness and teamwork in our school community.

**Bal Mela/Fete:**
The Bal Mela/Fete was a highlight of the academic calendar, bringing together students, parents, and members of the community for a day of fun-filled activities, games, and cultural performances. The students enjoyed themselves immensely at the varieties of food and game stalls and mostly at the Disco.

**Annual Christmas Programme:**
The Annual Christmas Programme show cased the talents and creativity of our students through music, drama, and dance performances centered around the festive season. The spirit of joy and goodwill permeated the school, creating cherished memories for students, staff, and parents alike.

Along with the various activities the school remained committed to providing a nurturing and enriching learning environment for all students.

Even though various activities and events took place in the academic session, there was no compromise with the academics part. Extra classes were held to ensure that the syllabus was completed on time and the students were adequately prepared to appear for the final exams.

The session was characterized by memorable experiences and many achievements. In the end I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to our Principal and the management without whose support and motivation the academic session would not have been successful. I would also like to thank my colleague and the staff who provided constant support. Last but not the least a warm thank you to all the parents and the students who make this place a happier one everyday with their presence. We look forward to another year of growth, learning and success.

Mrs. E. B. Banerjee
Co-ordinator (Classes : 1,2,3)

Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”
– Winston Churchill

The hiatus from traditional schooling had sparked a renewed enthusiasm for the classroom environment with students demonstrating an eagerness to engage in face to face discussions and collaborative activities.

The pandemic had imparted valuable life lessons and as they stepped back into the school corridors, a palpable spirit of unity and gratitude filled the air.

Our Annual Prize Day was organised in the beginning of the session and celebrated academic excellence, students were recognized for their outstanding achievements. The Super Achievers were applauded by the Principal and received a special award for their exemplary performance.

The students expressed themselves eloquently in the English and Hindi Elocutions and expressed confidence and a deep understanding of the power of words. Their performance not only captivated the audience but also taught how poetry has a powerful impact on the human mind.

The Installation Ceremony was held where students were chosen for the positions of the Junior School Captain, Junior School Vice Captains and four House Captains. They were instilled with a sense of responsibility and leadership towards the school.

A heartfelt celebration on Teachers’ Day honoured our dedicated teachers who work tirelessly for the intellectual and emotional growth of the students. The event underscored the invaluable role teachers have in shaping the future generations.

An Art Competition was organised by the school where students showed the power of their creative mind and left us speechless by showcasing their talents and unique ways of expressing themselves through art.

Promoting the spirit of healthy competition the Sports Day brought students together and reinforced the importance of physical fitness and teamwork. The P.T. Display ‘The Dreamers’ based on the idea of the launch of Chandrayaan-2 left the audience in awe. House Races and March Past were vibrant spectacles of unity and teamwork. Students proudly represented their houses showcasing discipline and excellent coordination.

The festive season came and brought joy and warmth to our school community. The theme for this year was ‘White Christmas’. Students from classes I-V performed a play which received applaud and cheer from the audience.

The Bal Mela organised by the School felt like a breath of fresh air from the daily hustle and bustle of academic life. There were various food stalls, game stalls and lucky draws organised for the students and teachers. The main attraction for this event was the Principal’s stall.

Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, our commitment to academic excellence was unwavering. Smart classes and innovative teaching proved to be effective for the students and their commendable performance in examinations reflected their resilience and adaptability. Remedial classes were held for the students who need extra help and attention from the teachers.

In a nutshell, the academic years have been very fulfilling. We have learnt a lot about the newly emerging methods of education and made ourselves better equipped for any challenges which come along the way. God has been very grateful as he kept us safe and strong to face whatever comes ahead.

Last but definitely not the least, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and deepest regards to our Principal Rev. Dr. Vinita Eusebius for her unwavering support and guidance throughout the academic year. Her leadership has been instrumental in steering the school towards continued success.

Co-ordinator (Classes : 4 & 5)