Head Girl

It is becoming an enduring tradition to take this time to pause, turn around to look at the year that has just gone by and then gather the energy to move ahead. When one looks back at the 153 years, there is a satisfying feeling to see evidence of stability and sustainability in academic and administrative processes be it curriculum program, development in education, staff retention and much more. I’m privileged to undertake the pleasant duty of presenting the report of all the activities undertaken during the academic session 2014-15.

Academic Excellence
‘Success is dependent on effort and success is the sum of small efforts! yet another academic year of success and achievement unfolded with an honour conferred on ICSE students. Sristi Agarwal was the topper in the Allahabad District among the girls with 96%. The girl who topped the school in ISC was Manisha Agarwal with 95%. The toppers were honoured by Mr. F. Moore, Mrs. S. Massey and Dr.

Sumita parmar on the PRIZE DAY.

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players! GHS was the hub of many activities in 2014, starting with the Hindi and English Elocutions we moved over to the Inter-House swimming Competitions where the Yellow House emerged victorious and the Inter-house Volleyball and Basketball Competitions in which Blue and Red House were the winners. Our swimmers have represented the school in ‘Nationals’ & ‘State’ Championships and Pragati Jaiswal emerged as the winner of 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals in the NATIONALS. She is also the State Champion.

The highlight event of the year was the welcome of the newly appointed members of the Diocese and the Investiture Ceremony. Mr. Badal Chatterjee (Commissioner of Allahabad Division) was the Chief Guest of honor. Moving on to the students of GHS, we love and respect our teachers so much that we dedicated one day to them -The TEACHERS’ DAY which was celebrated with great pomp & joy. We also dedicated a day to our Principal Rev. Dr. V. Eusebius who is the prime reason behind the success of this esteemed institution. This year we celebrated 25th Anniversary of two of our senior teachers Mrs. A Lawrence & Mrs. R. Paul. We also bid farewell to two of our fourth class employees Vasudeva & Shakuntala. We, at GHS, never stop learning, because LIFE never stops teaching as we celebrated Women’s Empowerment Day an the 27th of September. The children were taught the true sense of the word ‘EMPOWERMENT’. If you ever come to GHS you would experience the joy of learning. While you are in GHS, there is so much to do & the literary, Kshitij, Art, Commerce, UNESCO Science & Computer clubs are the living examples of it. Competitions like Rangoli Making, Slogan – Writing, Face-Painting Science Exhibition, Hindi & English JAM form an integral part of GHS.

5th November – the Red Letter Day in the history of GHS – the Founder’s Day and this year we celebrated the 153rd. GHS has come a very long way and here at GHS the children are shaped and modelled into better-human beings filled with confidence and knowledge to face the world at any level. On 12th November, 2014 we celebrated the traffic awareness day to mark the traffic month.

The very next day fire drill was organized for the students to prepare themselves for emergency situations. Our teachers never stop showering their blessings on us and as we celebrated the 125th Childrens’ Day. Every child felt special being a part of GHS.

Our Principal has always taught us one motto – I CAN & I WILL & we the students of GHS have made attempts to reach out to those who need us. One such humble contribution of ours is the effort of the children & Staff of GHS towards the flood victims of Jammu & Kashmir – A total of 1.5 lakh was contributed to the Caritas-an NGO which works towards disaster management. We also collected & sent books and other articles for the under privileged children.

I would also like to share my experience of being at GHS It seems like yesterday I entered the gates of this school – a shy and coward girl who was afraid of the world and its ways, and today I stand here with a beam of confidence on my face addressing this august gathering. Whatever I am today is because of GHS I still cannot believe that it is my last year in school. There are so many people to thank, but I would like to begin with my principal & teachers because of whom I am what I am today. I would also like to thank my parents for their motivation, guidance & support in whatever I undertook in life. Now I end this annual report with a message to my juniors. Cherish your days in GHS for you will never get them back. Thus I end with the famous lines of our School Anthem, –

Our GHS we love you dear
Forever bound our hearts are here
With knowledge & confidence galore,
Our place in this world we procure

Akshana Dayal