House Mistress : Mrs. S. Kapoor
Captain : Vanshika Sharma
Vice Captain : Roushi Khan
“Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else “.
-Vince Lombardi

The blue colour is the colour of trust. It is the shade of the sea and sky and is thought to inducecalm and convey serenity and peace. It instills confidence and inspires feelings of loyalty,integrity and responsibility. The Arthur House has always strived to live up to these virtues with utmost passion and dedication.

It was the glorious occasion of the 75th Independence Day of our country when I shoulderedthe responsibility of being the Arthur House Captain for the session 2021-22with Roushi Khanas the Vice Captain and Kritika Sonkar , Shuchi Shukla , Arusha Habib and Mawra Nasib as the Prefects. Our Principal , Rev Dr. Vinita Eusebius enlightened us with her kind words of both
encouragement and advice. Her words have been a guiding light for us in carrying out our duties and responsibilities efficiently while keeping in mind the Covid-19 protocols that were necessary for our safety in these difficult times.

November 5, 2021 marked a significant milestone in the history of our school as we celebrated the 160th Founder’s Day of Girls’ High School and College. All four houses of our schoolled by the House Captains and the College Captain marched to All Saint’s Cathedral for the Thanksgiving Service , also joined by the Boys’ High School and College. The Cathedral echoed with the Thanks giving hymns followed by words of prayer. It was a moment of pride for me to lift the flag of Arthur House on such a solemn occasion. Throughout the service , the Arthur House squad showed immense discipline which has been a characteristic virtue of our House over the years.

With an infallible sense of profound gratitude , I am highly indebted to our house Mistress Mrs.S. Kapur and all the Arthur House Teachers for their encouragement and support throughoutthe year. I would also like to thank our Principal, Rev Dr. Vinita Eusebius for her blessings and constant support.

I am also thankful to my Vice Captain and Prefects for their dedication and hard work towards the House. Lastly I would like to extend my good wishes to my juniors who will surely raise the flag of the Arthur House to new heights

Vanshika Sharma